Case Study


AI signage system

Project Description

A customer service system that guides products utilizing machine learning and links with Pepper.

By utilizing the face recognition engine from the camera, information and advertisements can be distributed to the target customers at the optimum timing. You can also use AI (artificial intelligence) to determine what information your customers need or are expected to be interested in and present it to your customers.

System features

Face recognition is performed by acquiring camera data.

・ Supports touch operation or motion operation (hand)

・ TTS / STT using NLP of Google Cloud

・ Data analysis and transfer in cooperation with Pepper robot.

・ Build an advertising information / news information collection server


・Application : C#, C/C++, Python

・Server : PHP

・Platform : GCP, Unity, OpenCV

・OS : CentOS, Windows

Disk classification / inspection system

Project Description

Application of technology (AI, IoT) in the production process, improving product quality => towards building a smart factory

Build AI disk quality classification system on cloud platform with:

・High accuracy AI inspector

・AI cause estimation

System features

Build a disc quality classification system using AI

Target :

Automated disk classification (automatic clustering)

・ Cloud on-premise runs on both sides

・ High performance: 1.2 million / day


・Application : C#, Python

・Platform : GCP, Sci-kit Learn SDK

・OS : Windows

Biometric identification and authentication


・User identification and authentication system by face/palm using camera

・Analysis user action/behavior/ attribute to build super profile and suggest recommendation

Project description

・Face / Ages /Gender  detection using pre trained model or API service 

・Build proxy for switch model / service

・Body tracking / object tracking ( using D-lens camera )