Case Study


Travelers insurance contract management system

Project Description

Customer wants to develop a system for travel insurance buyers to manage travel contracts with insurance, along with that they want to upgrade some features as well as interface and performance.


・Build a contract management system based on the old system and make utilization.

・Migrate data from old system to the new one, run faster, more stable and clear


・PHP 7.3, Lavarel 5.8

・Redis cache, Postgres


・Heroku, nginx

B2C system for conveniece stores


In order to accelerate and expand sales of customers, customers have requested to develop a sales B2C system with many facilities for the domestic market in Japan.

Project Description

・Developed a product scan feature to make purchases and payments via smartphones

・Develop fast food order feature.


・iOS Application: Swift 5

・Android App: Java, Android Studio 3.1

・Web: HTML, Bootstrap, Angular 6+

・Data base: RDS – AWS

・Server (serverless): NodeJS

Car Sharing – Car Club Singapore

Project Overview

・Customer is a Big Bus Operation Company in Singapore.

・Customer want to develop an application for leasing and self-drive car in Singapore market.

・You can order, add to cart, pay online. After successful payment, you will receive a key code to open the car door and engine. These car are special cars, customized from Toyota vehicles, need to order separately specific equipment)

Our Solutions

Development Full Lifecycle, creating user stories, build architecture, design, development, test til release


・Web: ReactJS

・Mobile : Reactnative

・DB: Postgresql

・Infra: AWS

・Architecture: Micro service, SOAP vs RestAPI

・Backend: Java 8

Motor vehicle compensation system

Project overview

The company has a system of managing insurance records very manually and has low connection with other departments, so take time to process and record.


Building accident management system for motor vehicles and simultaneously integrating with related systems. The system meets hundreds of thousands of records each year.


・Java, Spring framework, Hibernate, SOAP, Restfull

・Redis cache, Memory cache, Oracle SQL 12c

・Angular 5, NGINX, HA