Case Study


Rideshare booking application

Project Description

Developed an taxi booking mobile application, using real-time technology similar to Grab, Uber. Customer want to contribute to a revolution in mobility services


・OS : Swift

・Android : Java, Kotlin

・Backend : Java Spring Boot

・Frontend : Angular

Mobile online stock trading application

Project Description

Customer is a financial consulting company, providing IT solutions related to finance for customers, want to build mobile online stock trading application

Our Solution

・Making BA team with the aim of communication directly with customers.

・Due to the detailed design of the screen, it was forced to use a Customizer Renderer to design the UI as required. When testing also has to divide each UI, apply the automation test by comparing pixels.

・Introduce 2 stages for internal review (business review, technical review) in order to improve quality.



・Custom Renderer 

・UITest, Test Cloud, Automation Test

SNS application 

About customer

Customer is a Big trading company in Japan

Project Description

With the desire to“Deliver “WISH” to each and every of the world, to support the “realization“” that connect everyone’s dream through a new SNS application


・IOS: Swift

・Android: Java

・Backend: Java Spring Boot

・Frontend: HTML, Boostrap

Car tracking mobile system

About customers

A major telecommunications operator in Japan.

Case overview

Building an app mobile system server in order to track Car’s location. Evaluating driving frequency to record and store. For the purpose of improving the customer’s transportation business, the location information of the vehicle is recorded in real time, and dangerous application detection, tire pressure monitoring, etc. are converted into data by the application.

Our Solution

・Developer actively research API to understand the mechanism of work and communicate with sensor

・Conduct multiple experimental tests on real car to give the completing algorithm


・Android Java

・Bluetooth low energy, androidx, room database

・Location Services API, Camera API, Media APIs, Motion sensors API

・Retrofit2, fabric