Case Study


Online ticket purchasing website

Project Overview

The online booking system of customers has been developing for a long time, it is difficult to upgrade and expand. So customers want to redevelop the entire website and online backend system using Microservice architecture.

Project Description

・Upgrade, rebuild web system from Monolithic to Microservices.

・VTI develops APIs of each Service separately. For example, Cart Service, Item Service, Member service base on Design and Base Source provided from Customer


・Architecture: Microservice

・Infra: AWS

・Backend: Java 8, MyBatis

・DB: Postgresql, DynamoDB

・Elastic search

・Web: JSP, Thymeleaf

・Task Management: JIRA

Stock trading website development

Project Description

In addition to the stock price board, it is equipped with convenient functions for stock management and stock selection, such as charts, company analysis, and screening functions. Buyer can also process orders directly from the application.


・KnockoutJS / Javascript


・HTML5 / Css3 – Sass – Less

Business utilities system

Project Overview

Customers have a complex application that includes all the necessary smartphone operations for a business. Customers want to develop more utilities along with building a multilingual system for the website

Project Description

Project requirements: multilingual counterpart for the Web management Company. Specifically this time the conversion from Japanese to English. Scale: about 300 screens In which the customize is 150 screens.


・Eclipse / Java, Jersey Framework.



・Management tool: GitLab, MSProject

Education system for enrollment

Project Description

Build a student management system, support enrollment for universities, pre-universities, including:

・Web application for administrator: With this application the administrator can manage the schools information, support technical issues, commute common functions.

・Web application for schools: Schools can use this application to post recruitment,  initiate admissions events. Track the number of students attending events, enrollment reports, etc.

・Migrate services to AWS Cloud service. 


・Web: Backend: FuelPHP, Lavarel

             Frontend: Vuejs, Reactjs

・AWS: Severless + Golang

・Mobile: iOS: Swift 3

                 Android: Java